Equinox, Expert fund manager in Russia since 1996

Equinox is a specialist fund manager, focusing on investment opportunities in the securities markets of Russia and the former Soviet Union. With local presence, and two decades of Russian experience, we are committed to achieving superior absolute returns while monitoring the risk and volatility inherent to the region, and focusing on capital preservation. Equinox has delivered 32% annualized returns to investors since 2000, and is set to continue driving performance through to 2020.

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08.09.2015: August 2015 NAV -2.5% (mid) NAV (Principal series) is: Bid US$ 110.69 / Offer US$ 113.96 / Mid US$ 112.33....read more.
13.08.2015: July 2015 NAV +2.7% (mid) NAV (Principal series) is: Bid US$ 113.57 / Offer US$ 116.84 / Mid US$ 115.21....read more.